for all! sorry if u can't open my youtube video~ my acc has been banned by youtube :'( but i promise that i'll fix it soon~ maybe i'll upload all of the lame vid to my new youtube acc and post it here~ keke and sorry that i've been soo busy lately so i can't post something new here~ but i promised tht i'll post link download for UKISS album! yeeaaaayy~ did y'all know bout UKISS new album titled NEVERLAND? maybe i'll post some news bout tht album too :D just wait~^^* and the last one! i know that u've read all my post but never leave even just a comment here :'( aarrgghh its hurt me sooo much~ but no prob~ im type of a kind person :) so i never mind it :D but i please you, please leave me a comment :0 if you can't post a comment here, u can post it at my facebook or twitter account :D and thanks soooo much for the reader and my followers :D love you all~^^*