im 권재아 or romanized as Kwon-Jae-Ah but it simply read as Kwon Jea c:

SHINee Replay (君は僕の everything) Japanese Version

download the song HERE~^^
and here the vid -->

P.s : sorry the vid has been banned by Youtube~ but i'll upload it again for sure~ juz wait :)

B2ST - Bad Girl (Japanese) MV

sorry for the late update~ i've been soo busy -.-a sighs
ah ths is the japanese version of Bad Girl, wanna download the song? download it HERE~^^*
and here the MV, enjoy~~

B2ST Fiction and Fact Album Download

Language: Korean
Release Date: 2011.05.17

Daikoku Danji - Love Bingo!

and its our Dae Guk Nam Ah! yeayyy~ they already released their Love Bingo! MV~ and here the MV ~~

hhm~ anybody knows where i can download their song? if theres someone knows~ tell me tell me tell me~~ :D

2NE1 released Lonely

yeah yeah yeahhh~ this is the best Girlband ever for me :D
2NE1 already released their song MV titled "Lonely"~
in fact its not a new MV since they've released this about a week *or so* ago~ but as i said before, i've been soooo busy, so i post it today :|
sorry~ but hope y'all huys enjoy the MV :D

and for the song, y'all can download it HERE:D

SHINee released Replay Japanese Version Teaser

is there anyone who wanna download the song? you can download the song HERE :D
and this is SHINee's Replay japanese version MV~ check this out ^^*