im 권재아 or romanized as Kwon-Jae-Ah but it simply read as Kwon Jea c:

[DGNA] PopSicle - I'll Love You Until It Snows in The Middle Of A Summer Day

this is PopSicle! a sub-group from Dae Guk Nam Ah with 3 members, (Mika, Karam, Jay) they released their first single on January 2011. i rily love this song! and Mika, too! he looks good on the mv! haha xDD
and now i'll share you the link of the song and mv :D nd i'll share the pic of them, too :DD enjoy~

u can download the song here
and this is the MV :

B2ST 2011 Calendar Official

its juz a bit late to update this pic, coz i think that beauties already have all of this pic. but i want to post it here juz incase to some beauties who maybe never see this pic before haha :DD
it's not a complete picture, i juz share some of pic, hope u'll like it :D

U-Kiss Profile

i juz want to share you about U-Kiss Profile :DD idk Y i juz thinking a looott bout U-Kiss for this time, start from when i watched Magnae Rebellion and i juz fallen wif Shin DongHo, but now i love Xander soooo muuucchh! haha xDD

okay, U-Kiss (유키스) is a 6 member Korean boy band under NH Media. They debuted in 2008 with a single album entitled “어리지 않아” (Not Young). Their first single is said to be a fusion of the typical kpop as well as a "dirty south" style which was entirely composed by the Brave Brothers.
But when they released their 3rd album, U-Kiss added one new member. so now, there are 7 member of U-Kiss. U-Kiss's fans called 'KissMe' (isn't it cute? :D)

U-Kiss Stands For:

U- Ubiquitous
K- Korean
I- International (Idol)
S- Super
S- Star

B2ST's "My Story" Single Album Download

juz like what i said before, i'll share the link of B2ST's album download. and now, i'm here to share the link to all of you~ haha :DD

Language: Korean
Release Date: 2010.12.21