im 권재아 or romanized as Kwon-Jae-Ah but it simply read as Kwon Jea c:

[ff/oneshot] 내 추운 소녀 / My Cold Girl

Title : 내 추운 소녀 / My Cold Girl
Author : coolcat951007
Genre : Romance
Part : 1/1
Language : Indonesian
Cast : - Shin DongHo - U-Kiss
- Choi EunSun - Me
- Kim Kibum - SHINee
- Choi SulLi - f(x)
- Jeon JiHwan - Dae Guk Nam Ah
- Other.

Teaser :

B2ST Pre-Debut [DongWoon]

sorry too late for update, hehe :D yesterday i was tired to share this, so i share today for all b2uties :D

B2ST Pre-Debut [GiKwang]

nyahaa xDD i thought that GiKwang has a face looks like an otaku when he was kid hehe :D

B2ST Pre-Debut [YoSeob]

aw :3 YoSeobbie~ you've got ur same cute face since u was a baby, make me envy :| nyahahha xDD

B2ST Pre-Debut [JunHyung]

aww~ i laugh loudly when i saw JunHyung's child pic xDD soo cute :3

B2ST Pre-Debut [HyunSeung]

I thought that HyunSeung had the same face since he was child till now xDD

B2ST Pre-Debut [DooJoon]

Start to showing for our Leader's before debut pic, DooJoon

Dae Guk Nam Ah's Album Download

This is my favorite boyband after B2ST, before this, i have shared about their profile here. and now, i want to give you a link to download their album. there is not enough info that i found bout their albums on the internet. i just can found their tracklist album. so i will just give the tracklist and a link to download their songs.

B2ST's Full Album Download

i'll share the link download for the album of B2ST/Beast to all of b2uties, hehe :D

Product Title : BEAST 1st Mini Album - Beast Is The B2ST
Singer Name(s) : BEAST
Release Date : 2009-10-28
Language : Korean
Disc Format(s) : CD
Package Weight : 300 (g)
Publisher : Mnet Media

B2ST Profile

B2ST consists of 6 members they are AJ, Yoon Doo Joon, Poppin' Dragon, So-1, YoSeob, and DongWoon them under Cube Entertainment. B2ST stands "Boys 2 Search the Top". They beginning their debut in September 2009.

SHINee's Full Album Download

i think maybe it's been too late to share it now. but just in case for some of you who don't have full of SHINee's album, i share the link download for you all :D

Product Title : 샤이니 미니 앨범 - 누난 너무 예뻐 (SHINee Mini Album - Noona Neomu Yeppeo)
Singer Name(s) : 샤이니(SHINee)
Release Date : 2008-05-26
Language : Korean
Disc Format(s) : CD
Other Information: CD + Booklet
Package Weight : 120 (g)
Publisher : SM Entertainment