Dae Guk Nam Ah's Album Download

This is my favorite boyband after B2ST, before this, i have shared about their profile here. and now, i want to give you a link to download their album. there is not enough info that i found bout their albums on the internet. i just can found their tracklist album. so i will just give the tracklist and a link to download their songs.

This is their first single album titled "동경소년 (Tokyo Boy)" which only consists of 2 songs. singles this album was released on 2010, March 4th.

Tracklist :
1. 동경소년 (Tokyo Boy)
2. 눈부신 세계 (Shining World)

and this is their first mini album titled "Awake". This album was released on 2010, June 17th.

Tracklist :
1. The Boss (Intro)
2. 비틀비틀 (Stumbling, Stumbling)
3. 아무도..그누구도 (Nobody..anybody)
4. New Boyz
5. The One
6. 눈부신 세계 (Shining World)
7. 동경소년 (Tokyo Boy)