Weekend trip

Sunday, 05.05.2013
what a nice day! i just going out for a vacation with my family! nah it's been along time since the last time we went to this place! Bedugul - Bali.
at first, we went to Beratan Lake and the weather is sooo damn good! we make this picture there!~

after that, we go to the Botanical Garden, Bedugul.

in the Botanical Garden, we found a Cactus House!

tehee i found this mr. cactus is pretty awesome! dont u think? lol XD

 this is my parents! :D love them so much! <3 br="">

and in the way back to home, i bought this bracelet! i just interest with this bracelet bcs of its pendant! LOL i dont need to go to paris to buy a bracelet with this kind of pendant XD