B1A4 (비원에이포) member

ok, i juz wanna introduce B1A4 for y'all guys! actually, i didn't know alot bout their profile but cz i think i already become their big fans! *esp JinYoung* i promise all of u tht i'll get their profile ASAP.

this is a new boyband from WM Ent. B1A4 means "Be the 1, All For one" and bcoz one of their member's (red: Baro) blood type is B and the four other are A.
B1A4 revealed their member one by one, makes alot of ppl feel so curious. and they released their debut wif a webtoon (comic) vid. promise u tht i'll post bout their comic vid after this one! keke :D

okay, i juz going to give u some info bout B1A4'a member, here are the members -->

This is the leader, JinYoung! he's mine #ignorethis okay, he's the genius one i think. cz rumored tht he is the one who make the song for B1A4 debut!

and This is B1A4 rapper and vocal, CNU *read as ShinWoo*

This is the Rapper! the cutest rapper ever *but Jay still cuter*#ignorethis this is Baro! my 2nd bias after the leader keke :D

and this is SanDeul, idk is this juz what i feel or..... yea i think his face is same as JinYoung's face haha xD

and this is the Magnae GongChan! honestly i think tht he's the coolest magnae i ever see!